Private Label for Events

Any occasion, can be made unique with gifts that are made personal with private labels! The message can be whatever you wish to say!

- Minimum order 36 pieces per product.

- Prepaid to begin your order.

- Production time: 2 weeks from paid order, although it is possible to be expedited.

- Products ship insured. Please examine right away, and if there is a problem contact us and the carrier right away.

- Shipping is additional to production.

- Products are delivered packaged as agreed.

The labels we use are Gloss Polyester Waterproof Labels, and their quality is the best we've found.

Labeling options are:
a) Customer provided, ready-to-go artwork with which we will supply the dimentions for the label

b) We create a simple, yet colorful label.

Production is made to order, as we do not warehouse our products. They are all-natural with organic ingredients where possible and without chemical preservatives. They have a 2 year shelf-life and 12 months once opened, assuming proper storage.

So make your event special and we'll be glad to help!