We make what we sell. Everything is produced here in Kalymnos by us in the Lab upstairs in our Main Store and building. Located about 50 meters from the main taxi station in Pothia as you head towards the port. On the left Ochre Yellow Greek Neoclassic building the one with all the plants in front.

Our products they are Holistic, natural, using wild crafted herbs and medicinal plants from our island Kalymnos. What we cannot find on our island such as some Cold Pressed Oils, other ingredients and other herbs, are purchased from Suppliers we know. All are certified organic or wild crafted. Unfortunately in Greece there is no certification for Wildcrafted, but the island has no industry and we gather far off the roads and populated areas. You're welcome to come and join us for an Herbal Walk!

Combining Aromatherapy for it's healing and medicinal values, Phyto Therapy (herbal extracts, tinctures, herbal oil infusions and herbal powders All of our own production) we have found a way to make our products super concentrated without having to cook them to death. Last but far from least we incorporate Homeopathy by adding low dose homeopathic solutions to our products and that gives them healing energy.

Imagine a shampoo that balances your aura! Leaves you feeling great, happy and balanced.

Everything we produce can be adjusted for individual needs or therapy it's not so difficult when you make the product from scratch.

We also private label for stores, pharmacies and for events like Birthdays, Baptisms, Weddings. Just let us know what you need and let's see if we can't help.

Our lab has the capacity to produce 100 pieces of any 1 item an hour. We produce to order so your products are fresh with maximum shelf life. Many items are packed in Airless Pump containers and the need for preservatives is not necessary, when we do preserve we use natural Benzoin extract. Our products are pure enough to eat, though I wouldn't recommend it but one could. The only animals we test with are ourselves and we happily do so!