Q. Are our products certified organic.?

A. No, but the ingredients we use are either certified organic by those we purchase them from (yes we have their certifications on file) or we wild craft the ingredients from the nature of Kalymnos.

Q. Does the island have pollution?

A.No, the island has no industry other than agriculture. So for our purposes there is not pollution.

Q. Do you really make what you sell>

A. Everything that Vitae Value offers is of our own production, the only exception is some essential oils, and our probiotics. Essential Oils we know our sources and Probiotics are custom made to our order.

Q. Can anyone visit your lab and premises?

A. Absolutly, during the summer it might require an appointment as it is our busy season but we are proud to show what we do.

Q.Can a product be customized for me?

A. Because we make what we sell, customization is not an issue, we are always customiszing products for unique cases Don't forget one of us is a Pharmacist and the other an Herbalist.

Q. I've heard you do not use water in your products. Is this true?

A. Yes we do not use regular water, we use hydrosols also known as Floral Water. We distill to create several of our Essential Oils, when we do we also get floral water which is rich in vitamins and minerals for the plant or flowers we are distilling. We find this makes our products richer and more potent. We create our products to be alive and not cooked to death. It's an entirely Holistic approach to what we do.

Q. Are your tinctures/extracts really so different?

A. Absolutly first we only use Grape Alcohol, it has a very different energy. Next we age it for much longer than commercially make tinctures. Time is important and we do not rush it, just like when we distill essential oils, we use a lower temperature, it takes longers but the end result is something with life force. We tend to go for quality not quantity.

Q. So it is possible to reach a point where you can supply no more a maximum if you will?

A. Yes, we realize we cannot supply the world, only those who are truly looking for something different and that is Holistic. We have eclectic customers, they tend to be fanatic about the products. For us it is about Quality and effectiveness the 2 together. Otherwise why bother? We found unique raw materials we respect the fact that it is a limited resource, and for those (our customers) who recognize this fact that is whom we serve. When we have reached the limit we can sustainably create our products then it is exclusivly available to current customers only. We will of course have a waiting list for if and when, but for now we have plenty to around. We just acknowledge that the day may come where we say sorry, no new customers.