Vitae Value Company Vision

To create the finest holistic personal and therapeutic products possible using no petroleum or it's by products. To develop our own raw materials insuring us the quality and maximum strength of the herbs we use. We do this using Wild Crafted Herbs which are carefully and respectfully gathered and always insuring future growth and more abundance.

It is our goal to produce affordable, but high quality products that are as clean for our bodies and the environment as possible.

Our intent to be as green as possible, and out production is such that we have virtually no waste other than plant material which is composted and used in our personal gardens.

Our products embrace Hippocratic, Chinese and Native American Medicines, Nature is our Pharmacy you'll not find preservatives (other than natural resins like Benzoin), synthetic fragrances, nor any petrochemicals here. Our lab is open for visiting and encouraged, as is our herb processing room. What you will find is everything is done with the utmost respect for the plants and life. Nothing is rushed, and Nature guides us as to when to harvest, how long it takes to dry. (we do not introduce heat, only moving air and away from light) The plants maintain their vitamins and minerals.

To date we have accomplished creating products that customers have found to be exceptional. They are effective and without side effects, quite a statement in today's products. They smell great because we only use Essential Oils to not only scent but because of their aroma therapeutic values. Let's not forget we encompass 3 arts of healing Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy and Homeopathy. Each time you use one of our products you get a small dose of Homeopathic medicine. That works to balance our aura and improve of heath through balancing us. Small steps at a time with accumulative effects. We feel happier, we are happier. We do this for a brighter future.

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