Hydrosols - Floral Waters

Organic Hydrosols Vita Value Holistics <i>the art of cosmetics</i>

Hydrosols or Floral Waters as they are also called are part of the process of distilling essential oils. As the flowers, leaves or roots (depending on what you are distilling) are processed the steam carring the essential oils come out and are later seperated as it collects. Much of what comes out of the distiller is Hydosol - Floral Water which is rich in the vitamins and minerals the plant has to offer and exteremly concentrated.
These waters are great for many uses from cosmetics, to culinary to health benifits. We've found much of what is commercially available has been watered down, this was part of the reason we decided to create our own hydrosols and also offer them to you.
Please note that annual supply is limited and we reserve most for our own product production. (we use hydrosols rather than distilled water for our formulas) So they are available until we run out of what we feel we can offer.

Vitae Value offers the finest quality of hydrosols from organic and wild crafted sources for your Aroma therapeutic Journey. Use them with care, responsibly, respect and wisely.