Downtown Pothia Store

Downtown Pothia, just 50 meters north of the main Taxi Station (known as Stathmos) as you head for the port, on your left there is a Yellow Ochre 2 story Neoclassical Building. It's the one with all the plants our front. There you'll find 4 floors and 4 companies all under Vitae Value.

Naturally Kalymnos Pothia

On the first floor our store Naturally Kalymnos come on in and meet Kalliope our Pharmacist and co-owner. Here you will find all the products we currently offer, but wait we also customize our products tailored to your needs.

If you we're to book a tour of the facilities you'd find 3 more floors and see just how we create everything beginning from the plants and the nature of Kalymnos.

Our basement houses our herb room, 70sq meters of drying racks for air drying our herbs, vacuum bagging and powdering machine to reduce herbs to powered for encapsulating, extracts, tinctures or chopping for teas. In the future a tea bag machine has it's space set in the rear and a tincture/liquor aging room, just off the main drying room.

Up on the first floor (in Greece the ground floor is not considered the 1st floor) you will find Vitae Value's Lab. Just beyond the glass divider that is adorned with pictures of the plants of Kalymnos. Within the doors you'll find our creation space and the equipment needed to fill up to 200 pieces an hour when running at full production. All our workshops wind up here where you get first hand experience in making product, depending on the Workshop booked.

Yet another floor awaits and this is where meetings, workshops and herbal walks begin. Exposed Lebanese Cedar Beams, rock walls and an oval table to watch videos and slide shows of the plants at various times of the year. The Biological clock is very different here in Kalymnos. How different? Crocus blooms in November. Since it does not rain in the summer herb life begins with the first rains of fall. From there the symphony and dance begins, by June there are various shade of Brown and Gold, July everything except Grapes, Prickly Pear Cactus and Figs are burned out and dormant. There are exceptions and a 2 hour herb walk can reveal them, those are at this time of year in the evening when the sun and heat give us a bit of grace.

Masouri the Summer Store

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