Everything begins in the mountains and valleys of the island of Kalymnos. Harvest season in Kalymnos begins in February and takes a break late June to mid July just depends on nature each year is different, but then that is nature. We follow her clock she rarely if ever follows ours!

During this time of year we hold Herbal Walks and our Herbal Workshops these can be booked online visit us at KalymnosHerbs.com or email us for booking a date(s) pre booking is required. We offer All Day Herbal Walks (Sundays) and Workshops at various times of the year, depending on when certain plants are in season. Nature dictates when we do everything.

We harvest during these walks as well as other times when it is just us. 95% of what we make is from the Herbs we harvest. Feel free to book and join us for an educational experience on harvesting ethically, respectfully and responsibly. We honor and value the lives of theses plants and harvest only what we need. We are caretakers with a responsibility to the plants and the healing that they can do, everything we do is considering future generations of plants and people to come. Harvesting only 8-10 centimeters from the tops of plants to insure future growth and eliminating dead wood.