Our Companies

Vitae Value the value of life, is the mother company and where it all started. Corporate Offices are located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Great Smokey Mountains in North Carolina, some of the oldest mountains in the world. Cold Mountain is our front view where ice cold rivers run and wild medicinal herbs abound, home to the Cherokee and wild mountain trout. Locations both in the USA and in Greece, but who knows what the future holds. We welcome dealer and distributor inquires. All training is done in Kalymnos, Greece currently and is required for selling our products, they are that different.

It all began as a company producing organic products that had a therapeutic focus. I mean organic is nice but what does it do? What is the purpose of the product? Just another organic shampoo?? No we focused on addressing specific needs and created products to address those issues. We don't for instance make a Jasmine Shampoo but if Jasmine addresses a therapeutic issue for the product we are creating then in goes on the table for consideration while designing the product. Once the ingredients that address the issue are on the table we begin to remove those that might cause ill desired effects. Photo toxic? Off the table, Allergies to some? Off the table. What is left is what we examine further to create the product we are designing. Then we test it on ourselves or friends that need what is created. We allow them to age and test again and once we are satisfied then it is released to our friends and family network then if all goes well it is ready for you to have access to it and into our store and online!