Private Label for Events

Our products, Your Label. Exceptional quality that will bring your customers back for more!

- Minimum order 72 pieces per barcode or product.

- Barcodes are not include but are available at €3.00 each, and is a one time purchase. Barcodes are not re-use able; if a product is retired, the barcode is retired.

- 50% deposit a the start. Remainder of balance due when ready to ship.

- Production time: 8 weeks maximum, depending on orders ahead. It is possible to be expedited.

- Products ship insured. Please examine right away, and if there is a problem contact us and the carrier right away.

- Shipping is additional to production.

- Products are delivered in their containers ready to label.

Prices do not include the label.

The labels we use and suggest are Gloss Polyester Waterproof Labels, as their quality is the best we've found.

Labeling options are:
a) You buy and print your labels, and either apply them yourself or ship the labels to us and we can apply them at €0.10 each.

b) We supply you with blank roll labels prices depend on label size and if that size is standard or custom, printing cost depend on size of label and colors used, this is determined individually on a label/product basis. We can apply them at €0.10 each.

c) We provide a template for each label. You can have your graphics person apply your art work, or we can apply it ( €25/hr.) at a one-time fee per product. We do not provide graphics.

If we provide the service, it is ready to go when you approve the latest sample for the label sheet.

Wholesale prices do not include VAT 24%.

We assume responsibility for the quality of the products.

Warehousing and maintenance is the buyer's responsibility.

Production is made to order, as we do not warehouse our products. They are all-natural with organic ingredients where possible and without chemical preservatives. They have a 2 year shelf-life and 12 months once opened, assuming proper storage.

For reorders, the minimum order is 36 pieces per barcode. Deposits and lead times remain the same.