It all begins in the mountains and valleys of the island of Kalymnos. Free from pollution as there is no industry we work in Natures time to responsibly and selectively harvest wild crafted herbs and medicinal plants from the abundance the island has to offer. We begin by cutting back dead wood, the we harvest no more than 30% of any 1 plant and only the top 10-12 cm. Pruning in such a way that it insures the new growth to be 2x of that of which we gathered. This insures a future and that there will be more the next time.

Our harvests are then taken back to our basement which houses our herb room, 70sq. meters of drying racks for air drying our herbs, vacuum bagging and powdering machine to reduce herbs to powered for encapsulating, extracts, tinctures or chopping for teas.

There we also create our herbal oil infusions, and our tinctures and extracts. When ready they travel up to the 1st floor which is our Lab. (in Greece the ground floor is not considered the 1st floor) Just beyond the glass divider that is adorned with pictures of the plants of Kalymnos. Within the doors you'll find our creation space and the equipment needed to fill up to 200 pieces an hour when running at full production. We do private labeling as well, but more on that later. You'll see we have a 70 liter still for distilling Hydrosols (floral waters) and Essential Oils. We use super concentrated extracts and herbal oil infusions along with hydrosols instead of regular water, resulting in concentrated creams and products without the need to cook it all down thus less heat equals live products. Their results speak for themselves.

We also offer Herbal Walks and Workshops. All our workshops wind up here where you get first hand experience in making product, depending on the Workshop booked.

On the first floor our store Naturally Kalymnos come on in and meet Kalliope our Pharmacist and co-owner. Here you will find all the products we currently offer, but wait we also customize our products tailored to your needs.

You can book a free tour of the facilities you'd find 3 more floors and see just how we create everything beginning from the plants and the nature of Kalymnos. Tours require pre booking and begin at 2pm (14:00).

We remain at your disposal for any information or advice on simple matters concerning your health and our products.
The products are designed for you with love, knowledge, patience, experience and intuition.