Our Story

My heritage is Greek, both parents are from the island of Kalymnos in the Southern Aegean right across from Kos the island of Hippocrates. My mother wanted to be in Kalymnos when her time came so the winter of 2009(?) I brought her to Kalymnos. On the island there was a pharmacy unlike any other on the island it was filled with Alternative Medicines and the Pharmacist/owner Kalliope Patelli was a small lady with a powerful smile. I had gone in as I did every time I happened to be in Kalymnos, it had a very welcoming atmosphere. I came to say hello and see if I could interest her in any of our products. I had a company Essencial Dreams in the USA that made quality Organic Body & Hair Care products.
She asked me what made my products different than other Organic like products.. I had no answer, my reply "was nothing". To which she answered, "shouldn't they?"

So began the conversation that eventually led to Kalliope Patelli and I coming together and the creation of Vitae Value, and what we have created since!

We decided to incorporate 3 healing arts, they always existed separately but we may be the first to combine them.
1. Aromatherapy, we know essential oils have therapeutic values we look at which ones address the issue at hand, then eliminate ones that are allergy prone, photo toxic etc and decide from what is completely safe which will go into that specific product.
2. Phytotherapy, herbs and medicinal plants to heal, doctor and help our health. These can be in herb form, extract or tincture, or infused oils. Wild crafted or Organically grown (certified by the supplier) are what we use. Wild crafted come from our island Kalymnos where we have no industry or pollution.
3. Homeopathy, in various forms be it Bach Flower Remedies, Schuessler Salts, or straight Homeopathic herbal dilutions, always low potency that balance your aura and help you rebalance and strengthen your balance. They work little by little to an accumulative result and you find yourself happier, smiling more!

We began with Shampoo & Conditioners and over the years have produced Face Care, Body Care, Angel Care, Sun Care and Therapeutic Care products watching our growth annually and steadily. Our customers swear by us and are dedicated and because we located at a touristic area, now famous for it's rock climbing we are spreading across the globe and our online sales show us we are heading in a good direction.

Our climbing creams have rave reviews by our customers. Try us and you find the quality is 2nd to none! We love what we do and it shows.
Vitae Value means the value of life and is our Mother Company, from there Naturally Kalymnos was born as was Kalymnos Herbs each is found on Facebook and each have their own website come visit us. If your ever in Kalymnos come book an Herb Walk.

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The products are designed for you with love, knowledge, patience, experience and intuition.