Hydration Acne 50ml

Hydration Acne 50ml




Product Description

A unique combination of powerful natural antibiotics, like Propolis, Echinacea extracts combined with organic essential oils of Niaouli, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, and Thyme. Along with organic cold pressed Jojoba Oil re-balance while keeping sebum production in check. You'll notice Acne reduction and pimples drying out while your face stays healthy, hydrated but not oily. Natural exfoiliants, such as salicylates in White Willow extract prevent and combat signs of keratinization and scarring. While the extracts of Chamomile and Vitex soothe inflammation. Finally Calcarea sulfuric 6x Schuessler salt is added for its unique ability to combat Acne bacteria and does not create resistant strains! 50ml Jar

Use: Morning, noon and evening, after cleansing thoroughly with Acne Facial Cleanser.