What's My Skin Type?

What's My Skin Type
normal sensitive skin
dry skin
oily combination




The natural oils that are created under your skin come out of your pores at a moderate rate.

Your body does not produce enough natural oils to keep your skin moist, hydrated and supple.

This is the most common skin type. The natural oils are indecisive.

  • Your face looks bright, vibrant, and healthy
  • You require minimal skincare besides regular washing and moisturizing.
  • Skin Sensitivities
  • Your skin reacts to artificial or manufactured ingredients in cosmetics.
  • Your skin reacts to the enviroment as well as cosmetics.
  • Your skin tends to break out often, has reddish areas and itchy spots.
  • Your skin feels tight after washing your face.
  • Your skin is normal or dry around the S & O Zone and eye area, but the T zone is oily
  • There may be other areas that are oily.