Pain Relief

Pain Relief Naturally

Pain it's no fun but we all experience it some much more than others. Though we would prefer to find and eliliminate the cause of pain many times we can only find relief. Temporary but at least some relief. The products we create or offer are all made from Herbal Medicine base. We do not use petro chemicals, preservatives (unless a natural one such as Benzoin which is a tincture from a Resin - tree sap.) We do not use fillers. When we use an oil it is cold pressed and quite often infused with an herb or herbs to give it more gusto for healing. Healing is what we are about, holistically and as naturally as possible. Most of the medicinals we use are wildcrafted ethically and responsibly. We do offer workshop in ethically wildcrafting. We are caretakers of the planet and especially the Herbs which are food and medicine. When we finish harvesting you can look back and not see less but see healthier and happier plants that next visit will offer more than before.

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Miraculous Pain Relief 50ml

Miraculous Pain Relief 50ml


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