Our Companies

Naturally Kalymnos is our physical store. The main store is located just 50 meters from the main Taxi Station in Pothia. As you head towards the docks just before the large left turn on the left is a Yellow Ochre Neo Classical 2 story building, originally built in the 1800's the one with all the potted plants and trees in front. There you will find Naturally Kalymnos on the ground floor but don't be fooled inside there are 4 floors and 4 Companies! Feel free to book a tour, they are free but we do request you book a tour. They occur at 2 pm (14:00) and last around 20-30 minutes depends on your questions and if you wish to watch any slideshows on the organic Herbs of Kalymnos.

The products found in Naturally Kalymnos currently are all made by us in our Lab and are based on the wildcrafted plants from the island. This is where we collect and produce our raw materials. We create our own extracts, tinctures and infused oils. From there we create our create our cream bases infused with various medicinal and therapeutic infusions which give us concentrated therapeutic products and we've found a way to do it without having to cook the life out. The products are unique and alive.

All our products are available onlne of it.and purchases from the shop can also be shipped worldwide so you do not have to carry them home!

Come visit us Naturally Kalymnos