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Organic Facial Care
organic holistic face care
organic body care no synthetic anything!
organic hair care no sls no parabens
holistic natural therapeutic creams
wild crafted and organically grown botanicals
organic distilled essential oils

VitaeValue, The Value of Life, began in 2010 when Louie Kampouris, a Master Herbalist, and Kalliope Patelli, a Master Pharmacist,  decided to create a Company
using only Organic and Natural ingredients that will make you feel good inside and outside!
They are Holistic, free of petroleum and chemicals, are preservative free and scented only with Essential oils! Because our products are concentrated without
having to cook them down, they are alive with All of the nutrients intact! Instead of using plain water in our preparations, we use Floral Waters (Hydrosols ). 
They are obtained from the distillation of plants and flowers, which is where we extract our Essential Oils. These Waters are fragrant and contain vitamins and
minerals! Every part of our products contain elements that are Good For You!     

To our knowledge, We Are The FIRST to incorporate AROMATHERAPY, PHYTO THERAPY and HOMEOPATHY together!
The results have been nothing short of INCREDIBLE, or so our customers tell us!  
Try them for yourselves to discover how true this is!  Oh and every order receives a free full sized gift, it's our way of saying Thank you!