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Kalymnos Herbs does much more than gather wildcrafted herbs, it also offers Herb Walks and teachs how to gather Respectufully and Responsibly to insure a future for the incredible flora found in Kalymnos. We know that with proper care the herbs of Kalymnos can endure for future generations and be more abundant than now. Proper care, such as puning away dead wood, cutting 8-10 centimeters from the Tops of the plants and at the correct spot to give you 2 branches from the one cut are a small but important part of repsonsible cartaking which each and everyone that gathers wild herbs needs to adhear to.

We have seen it first hand as have clients who have joined us in the past when we revisit areas the next year and even more prevalant the 3rd year. Care must be given from all who rely on the Herbs of Kalymnos.

Herbs are gathered only by pruning and we never gather more than 1/3 of any plant. Mostly we go from plant to plant take a little and in the end you're surprized how much you have gathered and looking back you cannot tell you even went through. Respect, Responsibility and Stewardship for the future generations. We like to think about 7 generations ahead, it's a sacred act..

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