Face Care

Organic Face Care

The face is the mirror of the soul, all our feelings such as happiness, sadness, fear and dislikes are expressed on our face. The facial care line of Vitae Value is based on Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy and Homeopathy work to balance our feelings giving our face a better and healthier outlook. This is the difference with our products and those commonly available. Vitae Value uses the finest organic raw materials free of chemical additives, pesticides and chemical preservatives that are so gentle that they make facial skin alive, healthy and beautiful. Facial Cleansers are important, also important that they do not contain detergents. Detergents are too harsh but today are found in many products. We want to cleanse out face gently without irritating this soft and delicate area of the face! Our cleansers clean without stripping the oils that are important to the dermal layer of skin. Many commercial cleansers dry your skin out, this we wish to avoid and when used with the following products insure results that you will love.

It is very important to know what our skin type is in order for the products to be completly effective. We have a chart and below it are descriptions of the skin types. See which rings true to you and we promise that the end results will be wondeful as it would be specifically for Your Skin Type.

So take a moment select the first Category then we know you will happy and satisfied with your purchase and the results!