Culinary Corner

Spice of life for the kitchen.

Gastronomical delights from the island of Kalymnos. Τhe most intense herbs, honey and fruits exist because of the extreme harshness of the summer reigns, where no rain insures the strongest survive and because of these extreme conditions their flavors are incredibly intense.

Here you will find only the finest of herbs, spices, unique therapeutic honey, essential oils and more to make your cooking and baking experiences something to be celebrated and create memories in flavors and taste.

What we offer are the tools to create a unique presentation to the senses. Imagine your water with herbal flavors ever so slight but enough to open your appetitie or at the end of your meal to entice some dessert..

That which is offered here can set you apart from the others in the culinary sea. Create your signature as you plate or fork emit a subtle scent that makes your mouth water before you even taste!

Welcome to a gastronomical fantasy of flavors

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