Bee Products

Organic Bee Products from Kalymnos. Vitae Value Holistics <i>the art of cosmetics</i>.

Honey Bees are incredible insects they work together as a collective, those that work to gather pollen and nectar work their magic as they select only the grains of pollen that are perfect, not in shape but that are fullest of the nutrition they offer. A honey bee collects only beneficial pollen then mixes it's saliva to it and when full of pollen returns to the hive to further process it. Ever noticed a Honey Bees with a damaged wing? It will load up on pollen usually carrying more than it has ever before knowing that this is probably it's last trip. We have a lot we could learn from this insect.

The fruits of it labors are Bee Pollen, which it will change into honey, royal jelly and propolis all of which are of great benefit to mankind.