Argan Facial Oil 30ml

Argan Facial Oil 30ml




Product Description

A wonderful facial oil for you eyes and neck made from cold pressed Argan seed pits. An odorless, thin easily absorbed oil it is ideal for moisturizing your skin and it's anti-inflammatory properties make it excellent for problem skin. Possibly one of the best cures from wrinkles! Suitable for all skin types that show any sign of aging and damage from environmental conditions. So manage your wrinkles, signs of aging, fatigue and dehydration while creating a softer more resilient skin. Suitable for the most sensitive skin even around the eyes.

Recommended use: Place 2-3 drops in the palm of your hand rub them together take a deep breath from your palms and gently massage all over your face, neck and around the eyes.

Weighs 150.00 grams.
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Argan Facial Oil 30ml

Argan Facial Oil 30ml