3 Step Treatment

3 Step Treatment

3 Step Facial Treatment

Our 3 step facial treatment works to hydrate your face while cleansing and gently exfoiliating dead skin. Nourishing and feeding your skin with nutrients and lipids. How do you determine your skin type? What is my skin type?.

The 3 Step Treatment consists of:

Facial Serum Step 1
We apply a small bead in the palm of our hand, rub both palms circularly to spread the Serum in your palms, open your palms place your hands by your face and take a deep breath through your nose of the Serum within your palms, this begins our Aromatherapy Treatment as the essential oils enter your breathing passenges, and lungs and enter your body. Now gently pat and rub the Serum all over your face. Take your time this is time to relax, meditate on your self breath deep to continue the aromatherapeutic journey and treatment. Soon you will feel stress melt and once the Serum is applied let's move to...

Face Oil Step 2

Again we will apply a small amount to the palm of our hand and like before gently rub them together, and again open them to our face and nose and take another deep breath. It's ok to take yet another deep breath. Now as before gently pat and gently massage the oil to your face all over breath gently and deeply and find yourself slipping into a calm you very centered and very peaceful. We are now ready for...

Face Cream Step 3

Apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and once again yes rub you palms together, bring them to your facce open your palms and take a deep breath. Pat and gently massage the cream to your face. See how easily your skin absorbes these wonderful nutritive products and feel the difference in your skin. Everyday you'll feel your skin responding more and lines dissapearing as our lipids are nourished, fed and rejuvinated! Now if you wish and have very dry skin you can go 1 step further and add a little more of the Face Oil to your face. But only if you have very dry skin and feel the desire to do so. Your body knows and it we that have to listen to our instincts..