Masouri Store

Located by the Hotel Plaza, just down a flight of stairs by the road, we are also accessible through the Hotel lobby.

Naturally Kalymnos Masouri

Here you will find our Summer location. Our shelves are stocked with all the products we produce.

This is our summer store open from April until November from 18:00 until 23:00. Most all of our products are found here and customized products can be ordered then picked up here the following day. We can ship your order so you do not have to carry it back home or send gifts to friends worldwide. Under 2 kilos travels like a letter, very inexpensively!

You'll find Climbers Corner with products made to help heal cuts and scrapes very fast (our Calendula Cream, it rebuilds skin amazingly quickly) to our Arnica Cream for stressed and over exerted muscles and sore joints, tendons etc. These products work remarkably well and our customers tell us better than anything else for Climbers they have tried. The are much more than a simple salve, they penetrate and allow quick healing, holistically, organically and naturally. Completly herbal based for the herbs of Kalymnos.

Climbers Healing Cream

Tours of our Main store where everything is produced are available and free but do require pre booking. Tours start at 2 pm (14:00) lasting just under an hour.

Downtown Naturally Kalymnos

Please contact with us ...
Tel: +30 698 0833888
Skype: vitaevalue

Vitae Value Ltd
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We remain at your disposal for any information or advice on simple matters concerning your health and our products.
The products are designed for you with love, knowledge, patience, experience and intuition.