Our Companies

Our companies are all under the parent company Vitae Value Ltd. Vitae is latin for Life and so it is the Value of Life that is what we are all about. Under Vitae Value Ltd. you'll find Naturally Kalymnos our physical store, and within that building you'll find Vitae Value Labs, Kalymnos Herbs and Kalymnos Herb Walks.

Vitae Value Labs is where we produce all of the products we offer and within the facilities of our Lab we offer Contract Production, and Private Labeling for private events or for resale. We also custom produce and customize our products to your specific needs if you wish. All this is possible because we make it all right here.

Kalymnos Herbs is our Herbal Company which maintains a 70 sq meter forced air drying space which contains 4 sections and each sections has 7 trays each 1 meter x 1 meter for drying herbs. Out of light, no induced heat allows for the herbs to dry maintaining their vitamins and minerals as well as their colors resulting in herbs that maintain their therapeutic values.

From here the herbs can be processed into power for encapsulating, cut and sifted for teas or vacuum packed for later.

The herbs we work with are either Certified Organically Grown or Wild Crafted from the nature of Kalymnos where there is no industrial pollution to consider.

Come visit our websites or if travels allow come see us in Kalymnos and enjoy some Southern Greek Hospitality! Don't forget we ship worldwide and our checkout online is safe and secure. When shopping with us online when it comes to where sensitive information is asked you'll notice those pages are secure.