Vitae Value Wholesale

Vitae Value offers what we produce Wholesale to trade. We also offer custom formulation and private labeling. Contact us for further information and details .

We offer training in our products so that you can understand them thoughly and better address your customers needs. You might wonder why training? Our products are unique, the combination of Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy and Homeopathy using organic ingredients, never existed in this combination. We created these and if you have a better understanding on how and why they work you'll be able to serve your customers better and with excellent results.

For example if you use just any Facial Cleanser with our Facial Creams the results cannot be the same as using our specially formulated Facial Cleanser. Therefore we require that if you carry our Facial Products, for example that you allow us to help you select the range of products that are absolutly neccessary for the best results, and we promise you your customer will come back time after time for these and other products. We test marketed our products in our own Pharmacy for 4 years before taking them out and offering them Wholesale. We found a 100% success rate with even the hardest seeling customers, simply because the products work and due to their being completly free of chemical or petrolium products your skin and body will love them.

Find you have a product that just doesn't sell for you? No problem, as long as they are still sealed, we'll exchange them for other products that do work for you.

Please feel free to contact us.


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