Devil's Claw Tincture 50ml

Devil's Claw Tincture 50ml




Product Description

Harpagophytum, means "hook plant" in Greek. Chemicals found in the plant decrease inflammation,
Devil's claw is used for "hardening of the arteries" (atherosclerosis), arthritis, gout, muscle pain (myalgia), back pain, tendonitis, chest pain, gastrointestinal (GI) upset or heart burn, fever, and migraine headache. It is also used for difficulties in childbirth, menstrual problems, allergic reactions, loss of appetite, and kidney and bladder disease.
Devil's claw is highly regarded in herbal medicine as a natural treatment for inflammatory joint and muscle conditions. The stiff, inflammatory joints of arthritis are its most common reason to be used but it has also been widely used for rheumatism, gout, sciatica, lumbago, muscle inflammation (myalgia) and tendonitis. It is also thought to have an action on the liver and it has been traditionally used for chronic itchy skin conditions and swollen varicose veins.

There are no adverse reactions reported in the medical literature and Devil's claw is regarded as safe to take in pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding however, as a potent digestive tonic herb, this remedy may cause an upset stomach to sensitive individuals when used in higher doses and it is recommended to be avoided if there is a sensitive or inflamed digestive lining such as in peptic ulcers.
Devil's claw is a deep-acting medicine with stimulating, warming and cleansing effects in the body and I have seen great results through using it for people with chronic inflammatory conditions -- but, dosage is critical and the simple fact is that many commercial preparations of Devil's claw do not get close to the amounts used in the above clinical trials or what has been used in traditional herbal medicine practice. Which is why we age our tinctures for a minimum of 3 months, for maximum absorption. For chronic pain and inflammation up to 8 ml a day.

Directions: 1 or 2 Droppers full under the tongue 2-3 times a day or as needed. If alcohol sensitive, place desired amount in Hot Tea or water, alcohol will evaporate in 1-2 minutes.