Olive Oil, Extra Extra Virgin .04 acidity

Olive Oil, Extra Extra Virgin .04 acidity
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    A beautiful light green with an acidity of .04 (extra vrigin is .08) a rich yet light flavor, full of the flavors of the Virgin Greek Soil make this Olive Oil food and medicine at the same time. 

    Medicinally it is a powerful antioxidant full of oleuropein, which protects the heart, arteries, joints and skin. It's therapeutic effects for many conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's, and heart disease. It's even known to prevent genetic damage and cancer growth. 

    This occurs in Olives that are not completly ripe, most are still green and this is a decision Olive Oil producers must decide, are we going for maximum oil yield or do we want food that is also medicine and has maximum therapeutic values. 

    Our customers know us for producing products with Maximum Therapeutic Values! 

    To quote Hippocrates (who was from Kos, where we take the olives to process..) 'Let your food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food.'

    This year produced 300 Bottles.