Pure Kalymnian Honey 1 Kilo

Pure Kalymnian Honey 1 Kilo




Product Description

Kalymnian Thyme honey from small producers that truely care for their bees. 
Pure unadultraded Thyme Honey is thick, incredibly full of flavor that will take you by surprize if you've not had it before. 

This honey from Kalymnos is known since ancient times, the historian Stravon talks about this honey. Google it and see.
We support bee keepers that value the old way of making honey. They feed their bees back their own honey during the winter. 
Whereas today many do not they would rather collect it all and feed their bees sugar water. 

We support small beekeepers and are currently begining our own bees in partnership with beekeepers who share our vision of going back to traditional basics. Happier, healthier bees and a product that has medicinal values. 

'Let your food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food.' 

Limited Annual Supply - 30 Kilos
Net Weight 1 Kilo