Nutrition Normal  Anti Aging 50ml

Nutrition Normal Anti Aging 50ml




Product Description

Specially formulated for Normal Skin contains CoQ10. Kojic acid is added for aiding in whitening, exfoliating and brightening your complexion. Organic Cold pressed Argan Oil and Grape Seed for nourishment and elasticity while essential oils added for this skin type aid in nourishing, balancing providing Aromatherapy to you and your skin. Ginseng extract tones and gives you vitality effectively dealing with fatigue, wrinkles, sagging aging and dehydration. Last but far from least White Chestnut Bach Flower Remedy helps you sleep and relax while driving unpleasant thoughts away for a restful nights sleep. Inner and outer beauty in a single cream.

Usage: Every evening gently to a thoroughly clean face. We recommend our Normal Facial Cleanser.