Nettles 60 Capsules

Nettles 60 Capsules




Product Description

Urtica dioica and Urtica urens Used for centuries to treat allergy symptoms, particularly hayfever which is the most common allergy problem. It contains biologically active compounds that reduce inflammation. It can be used on a regular basis and has an impressive number of other benefits most notably as a treatment for prostate enlargement. shown promise in treating Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, asthma, bladder infections, bronchitis, bursitis, gingivitis, gout, hives, kidney stones, laryngitis, multiple sclerosis, PMS, prostate enlargement, sciatica, and tendinitis!

Externally it has been used to improve the appearance of the hair, and is said to be a remedy against oily hair and dandruff.
Internally it's very valuable in stemming internal bleeding, treating anaemia, excessive menstruation, hemorrhoids, arthritis, rheumatism and skin complaints, especially eczema. Excellent for treat skin complaints, arthritic pain, gout, sciatica, neuralgia, hemorrhoids and hair problems. It also has a detoxifying effect and as an overall tonic. Personally I like to combine it with Dandelion.

Directions: 1 - 3 per day preferably with meal. Drink plenty of water.