Ginseng Panax 60 Capsules

Ginseng Panax 60 Capsules




Product Description

Certainly a Male enhancing tincture, but not only. Panax ginseng is used for improving thinking, concentration, memory and work efficiency, physical stamina, and athletic endurance.
Also used to cope with stress and as a general tonic for improving well-being. as well as for depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), for boosting the immune system, and for fighting particular infections in a lung disease called cystic fibrosis. These infections are caused by a bacterium named Pseudomonas.
It has been used to treat breast cancer and prevent ovarian cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, and skin cancer.
Other uses include treatment of anemia, diabetes, inflammation of the stomach lining (gastritis), fever, hangover, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and asthma.
Panax ginseng is also used for bleeding disorders, loss of appetite, vomiting, intestinal problems, fibromyalgia, sleeping problems (insomnia), nerve pain, joint pain, dizziness, headache, convulsions, disorders of pregnancy and childbirth, hot flashes due to menopause, and to slow the aging process.

Directions: 1 - 3 capsules per day, with meals. Drink plenty of water.