Royal Jelly 30 ml

Royal Jelly 30 ml




Product Description

Royal Jelly promotes energy and good health, it is a potent anti-oxidant. Produced in the beehive for the nourishment of the queen bee, it is a complex substance that cannot be recreated synthetically by man. High in amino acid content makes it a special and rejuvenating substance. Royal jelly was known to contain an 'unidentified' ingredient, which is responsible for the remarkable powers and longevity of the Queen bee.
Masaki Kamakura, working at the Toyama Prefectural University in Imizu, Japan, identified the 'secret' ingredient, which he calls 'royalactin'. Royalactin appears to activate a protein gene found in most animal species, creating a change in the growth and longevity of the species when activated.
As with bee pollen, it is a nutritionally dense 'food' which provides the body with many of the essential nutrients missing from modern diets. Its low glycemic index compliments the properties of bee pollen in working as an effective weight loss aid. Royal Jelly not only provides a quick boost of energy but a long term benefit to energy, stamina and endurance. It also benefits the reproductive system and helps hormonal balance.
It is also an antioxidant that aids the immune system. Free radicals are 'toxins' which attack the immune system and taking antioxidants in our diet helps prevent the build up of these harmful toxins in our system. This means a higher resilience to colds, viruses, flu and a stronger immune system. Ideally one would combine Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Honey for the maximum benefits.

Overall benefits of Royal Jelly and Bee Products - Stay protected against viruses and flu
- Boost energy and stamina
- Enhance mood and reduce stress
- Balance and regulate body systems and hormones
- Suppress cravings and unhealthy appetite
- Moderate body weight
- Rebuild bones, tissue and muscle
- Improve the health of skin, hair, nails
Recommended use: 1 spoonful first thing in the morning, and one about sunset.