Bee Pollen 200 gr

Bee Pollen 200 gr




Product Description

Bee Pollen is incredible it contains the richest known source of vitamins, minerals, proteins amino acids, hormones, enzymes and fats, as well as significant quantities of natural antibiotics. Most of the known vitamins in pollen exist in perfect proportion, which further enhances their value.. 22 amino acids are found in Bee Pollen.
Certain enzymes are also present in pollen, and are the essential biological catalysts during the digestive process (pollen also aids in the proper digestion of other foods). Bee pollen also contains active antibiotic substances that immediately destroy harmful pathogenic bacteria upon contact. Bee Pollen regulates the intestines by destroying or weakening any harmful bacteria while simultaneously promoting the growth of health-giving species (intestinal flora). It is a whole food meaning it provides our bodies with everything needed. Allergies? Try eating bee pollen daily and see the difference.
Recommended use: Start off with a few grains, increase it daily until your certain that your body can handle the energy that bee pollen provides. Then 1 - teaspoonful 1-3x per day..