Organic Teas Bags, Vitae Value Holistics <i>l'arte di cosmetici</i>.

Tea Bag teas are in our future, we are saving for a Tea Bag Machine so we can create our own from the herbs found on the island of Kalymnos.

We have the space reserved in our Herb Room, and soon we might do a Go Fund Me project for this as we feel it is important as the herbs in Kalymnos are unlike even the neighboring islands. When it is in place we will offer, Organic or wild crafted herbs gathered in their peak of perfection shade dried then we bag them in tea bags that do not contain strings. Our Herbal Teas will be fresh as they will not sit around waiting to go from warehouse to distribution points. Direct from manufactuer (us here at Vitae Value) to you. You'll be amazed at their flavor and their results.