Shower Gels

Shower Gel - Body Wash SLS and Paraben Free Vitae Value

What makes a shower gel stand out against the rest? It's essence? It's organic ingredients? How soft and supple it leaves your skin? The absence of toxic ingredients that effect our bodies and the environment? Perhaps the pleasant feeling that remains and stay with you for hours later?

Shower Gels have the greatest selection of products we create at Vitae Value. Try them and find your favorite. Ideal gifts for friends and love ones for a Natural and Organic Body Wash. Available in three categories, Therapeutic, Classics and Seasonals you'll be sure to find several that quickly become favorites. As with all our products scenting is done with organic essential oils and never chemical detergents.
A homeopathic solution is added to most of our Shower Gels, with exception to those containing Essential Oils that do not allow homeopathic solutions such as Peppermint giving them a unique energy that you'll feel. It's a great way to energize your body and start or end your day. Our shower Gels are SLS and Paraben Free.