Organic Facial Cleansing products free of chemicals all herbal based. Our Facial Cleansers are detergent free, gentle, effective and leave you feeling refreshed and your face happy. Always made with organic raw materials, herbal extractions of our own making, herbal oil infusions from the wild crafted medicinal plants found here in Kalymnos and with a Homeopathic Solution which brings it all together for a mind, body and soul treatment like nothing else available that we've run across.


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A classical facial cleanser includes using a combination of milk and toner. Cleansing Milk Foaming Cleansers Our Facial Cleansers are not your common type. Facial Toners Floral Hydrosols are the distilled floral water extract from the process of distilling flowers to obtain their essential oils. Eye Cleansers All natural ingredients not only remove the most stubborn makeup Facial Masks Facial Masks Facial Scrub