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Every plant, flower, seed, leaf, root, branch and resin in various plants, and within the same plant contains it's own color, shape, flavor, texture and scent. It is the scent which characterizes each plant and it's unique essence, even blind folded it can be recognized. For example we can recognize Rose, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Geranium and many others.
But what exactly is that we smell? Generally speaking it is the essential oils that give spices, herbs, flowers and fruits their specific scent and flavor, their perfume.

All plants do not contain the same amounts and quality of essential oils. The aromatic quality of the oils plays a role in the attraction or repulsion of certain insects or animals. It has been suggested that they play an important rope in the transpiration and the life process of the plant itself, and as a protection against disease. They have been described as the 'hormone' or the 'life force' of a plant because of their highly concentrated and essential nature.

Essential Oils act within the human body through inhaling, the skin and in rare instances through the mucous membrane acting as neuro transfers and have an effect to our entire system. The Therapeutic Art of Aromatherapy is based on how essential oils work on our system. Though the term Aromatherapy is relatively new the art is ancient and was used in several ancient cultures.

Vitae Value offer the finest quality therapeutic essential oils from organic and wild crafted sources for your Aroma therapeutic Journey. Use them with care, responsibly, respect and wisely.

Jasmine 5ml
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Juniper 10ml
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Juniper, Kalymnian 10ml
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Lavender, Kalymnian 10ml
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Lemon Balm - Melissa 10ml
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Lemon, Kalymnian 10ml
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Lemongrass Essential Oil 10ml
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Mastic 10ml
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Menthol Essential Oil 10ml
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