Organic cold pressed oils Vitae Value <i>the art of cosmetics</i>

Oils have been used since antiquity from the Egyptians, Asians, Greeks, Romans and others. There are mineral oils, (derived from petroleum) plant based oils, and animal based oils. Mineral Oils are useless, and are harmful, they do not penetrate the skin (thankfully) nor do they allow the skin to breathe much less heal or work correctly. Animal oils are compatible with the skin and several do wonders for the skin, it can easily be explained why, however we at Vitae Value do not use animal oils ethically, morally and simply because we respect animals and know that there are plant oils that work just fine!

Plant Oils are completely compatible with the skin they nourish, revitalize, soften, keep the skin young and allow the skin to operate normally. We feel the Oils must be pure, organic and of the finest quality so when we add the proper essential oils we have created valuable cosmetics for our skin.
All our Plant based oils are 100% pure, cold pressed, organic and of the finest quality we can find, and we're always on the lookout for better, just in case. We insure this by hand selecting before we purchase what we need for the season. Each oil has it's own cosmetic and therapeutic use. You'll find information about each oil so that you can select exactly what you need, find what blends well with others and what essential oils they blend well with so that you can create your own personal blends or simply use just as they are.

Flax Seed Oil 50ml
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Oregano Oil
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Rose Hip Oil 50ml
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St John's Wort Oil 50ml
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