Climbers Corner therapeutic products Vitae Value <i>the art of cosmetics</i>

Climbers Corner products are formulated to help heal your body from climbings rough and sharp edges quickly and Naturally. Cream to relieve the over exertion and sore muscles. By combining Natures Herbs with our own cream base from the oil of olives your body will thank you and you'll see quick results.

Welcome to Climbers Corner of Vitae Value. With respect to the sport of climbing and herbs that nature offers Kalymnos for the needs of climbers, we have created an effective line of natural, organic, holistic cosmetic and therapeutic products, exclusively for fans of the sport. The fact that Kalymnos has herbs native to the mountains that treat, nourish and enhance the sport by offering treatments for situations such as fungal athletes foot, muscular fatigue, skin regeneration to damaged chapped, scrapped, and or cut hands, and cosmetic pleasure as shower gels, body lotions , shampoos, sunscreens and many others, became the inspiration for the creation of Climbers Corner.

Nature and traditional healing knowledge on one hand and on the other technology that serves the needs of climbers! Kalymnos pioneers in this new combination of Aromatherapy, Phyto therapy and Homeopathy all combined in our products for Fast and efficient healing to continue the sport safely and healed, yes many times overnight! Local products for visitors from our island smelling of Sage, Thyme and other aromatic herbs you cannot help but smell in the mountains of Kalymnos that can now travel everywhere in the world! Very soon we'll also offer botanical nutritional support, based on the unique bee products of Kalymnos.

Peppermint Shower Gel 250ml
Price: €14.80
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Peppermint Shower Gel 100ml
Price: €9.80
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Anti Fungal, Therapeutic Shower Gel 250ml
Price: €16.80
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Bee Pollen 200gr - Currently Unavailable -
Price: €16.60
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Royal Jelly 30 ml
Price: €32.80
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After Bite 50ml
Price: €10.80
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American Ginseng 60 Capsules
Price: €38.80
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After Sun 150ml
Code: SUN--AFT
Price: €16.80
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Helios Body SPF 50 150ml
Code: SUNBO--50
Price: €23.80
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Helios Facial SPF 50 50ml
Code: SUNFA--50
Price: €25.80
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