Extra Extra Virgin Olive Oil .04 acidity

This is Olive Oil. Extra, Extra Virgin. Gathered from trees 100 - 300 years old. From family properties that have been never sprayed with insecticides, herbicides and only ever fertilized with Sheep and Goat manure.

Olive Oil Kalymnos

The process

We harvested by hand and an olive machine that has rotating fingers that knock the olives off and does not hurt the trees, in fact you can stop the fingers by hand. The olives fall onto mesh screens we laid out to gather the fallen fruit and then sorted by hand to cull the ones that do not fall into quality control and the stems from dead branches.

Then all the olives are gathered sacked and the next day off we go for a trip to the Olive Oil factory. There state of the art stainless equipment, washes, then grinds and into the vat they go to be gently mixed for about an hour and a half. From there they are pumped to the centifuge which will sperate the oil and water from the ground whole olives. The refuse is then expelled outside to a huge pile of ground Olive seeds and the pulp seperated from the water and used to water a vineyard while the Oil and water contained from the Olives is then pumped into the sperator. Looks much like a cream seperator. There the Olive Oil pours into a stainless steel tray to be poured off into Bulk Containers. It is at this point we get to taste the fruit of our labor..

The entire Olive Oil plant smells so wonderful fresh Olive Oil, and the vat where the freshly ground Olivea gently mix is a treat to stand over and smell. It is vital to the out come that the Olives go for pressing in as short a time after picking as possible. That the olives do not stay in the bags for more than a day all of this as well as how they are grown plays in the flavor and the level of acidity, as does the soil and if they are commercially treated or Organic/Wild crafted.

A week later the trees are pruned for the next year. All in all it's a lot of work but also greatly enjoyed!

Olive Oil, Extra Extra Virgin .04 acidity
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Olive Oil, Extra Extra Virgin .04 acidity
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