Kalymnian Honey

Organic Honey from Kalymnos. Vitae Value Holistics <i>the art of cosmetics</i>.

Kalymnian Honey is unique, even that of near by islands is not the same. The abundance of wild thyme is unlike even the neighboring islands. Due to the harsh enviroments found on this tiny island that which grows and flourishes is incredibly strong in flavor and essential oils. The honey bees gathering nectar and pollen from these flowers produce a honey that is Not easily forgotten. There is little comparison to Thyme Honey found anywhere in Greece let alone anywhere else in the world.

This honey has been famous since the ancients days of Greece. Strabon, a Greek geographer, philosopher and historian (64/63 BC – ca. AD 24) wrote. "Now all the honey produced in the islands is, for the most part, good, and rivals that of Attica, but the honey produced in the islands in question is exceptionally good, and in particular the Kalymnian". One thing is certain the look on anyones face that tastes it for the first time is priceless. Usually follow by 'Wow!' And 'Never tasted anything like it' and always come back for more.

We offer this honey as is pure and as Aromiel, which is a Therapeutic Honey in which essential oils are added, but more about this below.

Honey is an incredible food with nutritional, medicinal and therapeutic values. Contains B1, B2, C, B6, B5 and B3.

Antimicrobal, and antiseptic properties make it good for cuts and wounds, aids in healing ulcers internally and externally, while soothing a sore throat. Moisturising it is great for your skin and makes a great facial mask additive.ell as copper, iodine, and zinc. It also helps those who suffer from allergies.