Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oil Blends, Pain Relief Naturally

Blends created for specific effect. What? A blend for pain relief. Yes there are essential oils that deal with pain and when combined they become much more effective. As you can guess this section will grow in time, as we develop blends and give them time to meld and test over and over and improve them over time. Wait we do that with all our products! Yes over time we improve them as life and the product, and you our customers give us feedback. Yes we do listen and that is how some products come to be from the start, customer requests. In fact Miraculous is just such a product. A very old and wonderful friend suffers from Agent Orange, (Welcome Home to all who served in Vietnam) so we based our development from something that gave him some relief and today we offer you the result. Yes this product too may refine it's self as time dictates.

Please excuse us as this section is under construction.

Miraculous 50ml

Miraculous 50ml