We want to makin shopping with us as easy as possible. Our default for payment is Euros, however we do accept USD and GBP.
If you wish to pay for your order in USD or GBP simply select Invoice Me when checking out and we will send you an Invoice Payment Request from PayPal (if it's Wholesale) or a PayPal Request for Money so you can pay in USD or GBP.
Then once your order is completed send us an Email and state 'I wish to Pay in (USD or GBP)', that way we know and can send you out a PayPal Request for Money, converted to your choice of currency!
Please note that the exchange rates change constantly, an Invoice sent is valid for 24 Hours.

Prices online do not include VAT that is added during check out. VAT is added to all EU member states and Europe.

To date we have accomplished creating products that customers have found to be exceptional. They are effective and without side effects, quite a statement in today's products. They smell great because we only use Essential Oils to not only scent but because of their aroma therapeutic values. Let's not forget we encompass 3 arts of healing Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy and Homeopathy. Each time you use one of our products you get a small dose of Homeopathic medicine. That works to balance our aura and improve of heath through balancing us. Small steps at a time with accumulative effects. We feel happier, we are happier. We do this for a brighter future.

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